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Click on the state to find contact information on procurement directors across the 50 states.

  • Alabama Michael Jones, State Purchasing Director
  • Alaska Vern Jones, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Arizona Jean Clark, State Procurement Administrator
  • Arkansas Jane Benton, Director
  • California Jim Butler, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Colorado Carol Pfarr, Division Director
  • Connecticut Carol Wilson, Director of Procurement Programs & Services
  • Delaware Dean Stotler, Director, Government Support Services
  • District of Columbia James Staton, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Florida Kelly Loll, Chief Procurement Officer & Director of State Purchasing
  • Georgia Leslie Lowe, Assistant Commissioner, Procurement
  • Hawaii Aaron Fujioka, Administrator
  • Idaho Bill Burns, Administrator
  • Illinois Matt Brown, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Indiana Nicole Kenney, Deputy Commissioner, Procurement
  • Iowa Kirk Fischer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Kansas Chris Howe, Director of Purchases
  • Kentucky Donald Speer, Executive Director
  • Louisiana Denise Lea, Director
  • Maine Michael Wenzel, Director
  • Maryland D'Andrea Lancelin, Deputy Secretary
  • Massachusetts Gary Lambert, Assistant Secretary for Operational Services
  • Michigan Jeff Brownlee, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Minnesota Kent Allin, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Mississippi Milo Crabtree, Chief Procurement Officer and Director
  • Missouri Jim Miluski, Director
  • Montana Marv Eicholtz, Administrator
  • Nebraska Brenda Pape, State Procurement Manager
  • Nevada Greg Smith, Administrator
  • New Hampshire Robert Stowell, Administrator
  • New Jersey Jignasa Desai-McCleary, Director, Division of Purchase and Property
  • New Mexico Lawrence Maxwell, State Purchasing Agent & Director
  • New York Don Greene, Director
  • North Carolina Sam Byassee, State Purchasing Officer
  • North Dakota Sherry Neas, Director
  • Ohio Wayne McCulty, State Procurement Administrator
  • Oklahoma Scott Schlotthauer, State Purchasing Director
  • Oregon Dianne Lancaster, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Pennsylvania Mike Richart, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Rhode Island Lorraine Hynes, Purchasing Agent
  • South Carolina Voight Shealy, Materials Management Officer
  • South Dakota Steve Berg, Director
  • Tennessee Jessica Robertson, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Texas Ron Pigott, Director
  • Utah Kent Beers, Director & Chief Procurement Officer
  • Vermont Deb Damore, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Virginia Ron Bell, Director
  • Washington Christine Warnock, Chief Procurement Officer
  • West Virginia Dave Tincher, Director
  • Wisconsin Rick Hughes, Bureau Director, State Bureau of Procurement
  • Wyoming Lori Galles, Interim Procurement Manager

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