Western States Contracting Alliance

Any Washington State agency with properly delegated authority to purchase the Products and Services that are the subject of the agreement(s), or any political subdivision (including public schools,colleges or universities) of the state of Washington or a non-profit organization with the authority to purchase such Products or Services, who have a properly executed Interlocal Cooperative Agreement (ILA) with the Washington State Department of Information Services may purchase from the following agreement(s). Employees may not purchase products or services for their personal use under authority of these agreements.

Primary Contact:
State of Washington
Department of Information Services
Attn: Contract Administor
P.O. Box 42445
Olympia, Washington 98504-2445
(360) 902-3301
Fax: 360-664-0711

Executed Participating Addendum (.pdf)

AT&T Wireless:
Executed Participating Addendum(.pdf)

The web site is available for use. An employee purchase plan may be available.
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Executed Participating Addendum(.pdf)
Service Rates and Equipment
Nextel Contacts
WSCA Authorized Sales Representatives (.xls)

The following additional participating addendums have been approved separately

AT&T Wireless:
City of Richland Participating Addendum(.pdf)
Richland School Distict Participating Addendum(.pdf)
The web site is available for use.
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Services and Equipment Schedule

The document in .PDF format requires the Adobe Acrobat reader for you to view. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, it is available free for various platforms, PC, MAC, Unix, etc. To download a copy click

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Computers (MN)
Body Armor (CO)
Breast Pumps (WA)
Data Communications (UT)
Electronic Monitoring (WA)
Fire Suppression Services (NV)
Fuel Cell Power Units (WA)
Industrial Supply (NV)
Infant Formula (WA)
Janitorial Supplies & Industrial Paper (OR)
Lab Supplies (ID)
Mailroom Equipment (AZ)
P-card (CA)
Procurement Analysis Consulting Services (WA)
Public Safety Radio (WA)
Quick Copy (Printing) (WA)
Satellite Phones (UT)
Small Package Delivery (UT)
Tires, Tubes & Services (UT)
Vehicle Lifts (WA)
Wireless (NV)