Current Cooperative Contracts
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Wireless Communication & Equipment (WSCA-NV)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Nevada
Lead State Contract Number: 1907
Contact person: Teri L. Becker
Phone: 775-684-0178
Fax: 775-684-0188
Link to Lead State Website
Inception & Expiration

Current Award: Date of Execution in 2012
Current Expiration: October 31, 2016



These contracts provide both cell phone services and the cell phones for participating states, local units of government and other authorized entities.

The contracts also include bundled wireless internet and push to talk services as well as accessories, equipment and devices.

These contracts are also available to individual employees of eligible entities, based on the rules and regulations of each individual participating entity.

Contractor Information

Current contractors:

AT&T Mobility
Sprint Solutions
T-Mobile USA
Verizon Wireless


See Nevada website for links to actual contract documents and contractor websites where detailed pricing information is available.

Generally, price structure is a % discount off of current retail pricing for specific units/models.

Updates & Other Participation




Model Participating Addendum - See vendor documents for PA

To participate in this Master Agreement, download, negotiate and complete a Participating Addendum with the selected contractor(s). After Participating Addendum execution, email a PDF copy of the completed Participating Addendum (signed with both signatures) to the WSCA-NASPO point of contact identified on the Participating Addendum. If no WSCA-NASPO point of contact is identified, email a copy of the completed Participating Addendum to the WSCA-NASPO general email at .

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