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Wireless Management & Contract Compliance Services (WSCA-UT)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Utah
Contact person: Jeff Mottishaw
Phone: (801) 538-1287
Inception & Expiration

Awarded:  February 1, 2012
Expiration:  January 31, 2015

One (1), two year (2) extension available.


Contract Overview
This contract is intended as a service contract for the purposes of auditing and managing wireless services and equipment. Five firms have been pre-qualified and awarded contracts and can be selected to perform audit services and contract compliance, as well as management services. Management services include plan right sizing, monitoring usage, inventory & equipment tracking and help desk.

WSCA will be administering the audit portion of the contract for all States using the WSCA Wireless contract, but the management services will be handled by the individual organizations. For instructions on how to set up an engagement contract for management services please follow the instructions link on this page.

Original RFP

Contractor Information


Contract FAQs

How To's....

Invitation to Submit (Phase II) Proposals


PA Process Overview

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