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Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery Services (WSCA-UT)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Utah
Lead State Contract Number: MA1000
Contact person: Kent Beers
Phone: (801) 538-3143
Fax: (801) 538-3882
Link to Lead State Website
Inception & Expiration

Award Date:  August 1, 2011
Expiration Date:  July 31, 2016
No renewal options


 Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery Scope of Work


Compliance with Contract Pricing Agreements
The primary focus of this contract compliance and cost recovery reveiw will be to validate that vendors under contract with WSCA and/or NASPO states are charging users of the contracts accurate prices.

Accuracy of Administrative Fee Payment Remitted
Under certain contracts, vendors are required to remit an administrative fee payable to WSCA and/or the individual state based on the volume of spend.  The primary focus of this contract compliance and cost recovery review will be to validate that the vendors under contract are accurately reporting the amount of contract sales and remitting the proper administrative fee payments.

How to Contract with a Pre-Qualified Firm - CLICK HERE


Brown Smith Wallace
Clifton Larson Allen (formerlay Clifton Gunderson)
Cost Reduction Analysts
Cotton & Company
Grant Thornton
Haynie & Company
Mayer Hoffman McCann
Thompson Cobb


Type of Fees for Services Performed

Updates & Other Participation

Access to August 11, 2011 Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery Services contract CLICK HERE 



PA Process Overview

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