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Lottery Merchandise (WSCA-WA)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Washington
Lead State Contract Number: 00209
Contact person: Tim L. Shay
Phone: (360) 407-9410
Link to Lead State Website
Inception & Expiration

Award Date - July 1, 2009
Expiration Date - June 30, 2013

Optional contract extensions through June 30, 2015.


This contract is for the use of the Washington State Lottery and other eligible state lotteries across the U.S. There are four categories on the contract: dispensers, playcenters, promotional premiums and printable apparel.

Contract Quick Facts



Contractor Information

Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez -

Take-A-Ticket, Inc. -

AD Specialties and Promotions, Inc. -

Schaffer Systems, Inc. -





Lottery Merchandise Pricing

Contract FAQs

(Contract # 00209 WSCA Lottery Merchandise)

Question #1:
Is this contract available for all state agencies?
No this contract is for Restricted use of The Lottery Commission only in this state and other states lottery commissions who would like to participate.

Question #2:
Do other states need to do anything special to use this contract?
Yes, they will need to a Participating Addendum with the State of Washington.

Question # 3:
Who would other states contacting in order to create the participating Addendum?
They would need to contact the Contracts Administrator listed on the CCI, which is posted on the GA website?

Question #4:
How do we find the GA website, is there a link to this site?
Yes, please see link below:

Question #5:
How many contractors will be on this contract and who are they?
There have been four contractors awarded and they are as follows:
1) Ad Specialties and Promotions, Inc.
2) Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez
3) Schafer Systems, Inc.
4) Take-A-Ticket, Inc.

Updates & Other Participation

Lottery Contract for Insights


State and entities in states not listed as participating, contact WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team () for assistance in properly documenting permission to participate.

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