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Body Armor (WSCA-CO)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Colorado
Lead State Contract Number: 68008YYY11P-68008YYY020P//WSCA
Contact person: Molly Randol
Phone: (303) 866-6191
Fax: (303) 894-7445
Link to Lead State Website
Inception & Expiration

Current Awards: executed Fall 2011
First Extension: August 1, 2014 (optional)
Current Expiration: July 31, 2014

The State of Colorado has extended current Body Armor awards through July 31, 2014. Master Price Agreements and supporting documents are completed, and awards are posted on the State of Colorado website. Interested states may select and enter into a Participating Addendum with one or more awarded manufacturers.


This is a series of contracts with Body Armor manufacturers. "Manufacturer" is defined as the entity responsible for the warranty and guarantee of the Body Armor Products purchased.
These contracts provide Body Armor to participating states, institutions of higher education, local units of government and other authorized entities.

Local distributors and/or dealers handle each procurement transaction. See the Colorado website for a complete list of current distributors in your area. States interested in assigning a Participating Addendum with any of the new WSCA Body Armor Master Prices Agreement contractors are encouraged to contact the Colorado lead purchasing agent. A ‘body-armor-user' wiki is available to peer state body armor purchasing agents, and contains information, links and resources helpful to agents interested in learning more about the body armor industry and products offered. The wiki is maintained by the Colorado lead agent, and requires a password login for access

Contractor Information

Contractors and lead state contract numbers:

The current series of MPA numbers posted on the Colorado website are:

  • Mine Safety Appliances Company (68008YYY11P/WSCA)
  • US Armor, Inc. (68008YYY12P/WSCA)
  • Armor Shield USA, LLC (68008YYY13P/WSCA)
  • Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. (68008YYY14P WSCA)
  • Safariland, LLC (68008YYY15P/WSCA)
  • Survival Armor, Inc. (68008YYY16P/WSCA)
  • CL/Armor Express (68008YYY17P/WSCA)
  • Protective Products Enterprises, Inc. (68008YYY18P WSCA)
  • Sentry/GH Armor Systems (68008YYY19P WSCA)
  • Diamondback Tactical, LLP (68008YYY20P/WSCA)

Participating States


See the Colorado website (above) for links to actual contract documents. 

  • CL/Armor Express extended to July 31, 2014 click here
  • Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. extended to July 31, 2014 click here
  • Safariland extended to July 31, 2014 click here
  • Sentry Armor extended to July 31, 2014 click here
  • Survival Armor extended to July 31, 2014 click here
  • U.S. Armor extended to July 31, 2014 click here

See the Colorado website (above) for links to detailed pricing information.  Click BODY ARMOR.

Contract FAQs

Coming Soon


Armor Shield Participating Addendum
CL/Armor Express Participating Addendum
Diamondback Tactical Participating Addendum
Mine Safety Appliances Company Participating Addendum
Point Blank Enterprise Participating Addendum
Protective Products Enterprise Participating Addendum
Safariland Participating Addendum
Sentry Armor Participating Addendum
Survival Armor Participating Addendum
US Armor Participating Addendum

PA Process Overview

Armor Shield USA

Interested States must enter into a Participating Addendum with selected contractor(s).
See the Colorado website for each selected contractor(s), to download the basic Participating Addendum form.
To participate in this Master Agreement, download, negotiate and complete a Participating Addendum with the selected contractor(s). After Participating Addendum execution, email a PDF copy of the completed Participating Addendum (signed with both signatures) to the WSCA-NASPO point of contact identified on the Participating Addendum. If no WSCA-NASPO point of contact is identified, email a copy of the completed Participating Addendum to the WSCA-NASPO general email at .

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