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Travel - Nationwide Booking Tool (OR)

Basic Contact Information - Lead State

Participating States:

Affiliation: WSCA
Lead State: Oregon
Lead State Contract Number: 2579
Contact person: Gail Carter
Phone: (503) 378-5501
Link to Lead State Website
Inception & Expiration

Awarded: October 16, 2012
Contract Expires: October 15, 2015


The WSCA-NASPO Travel Center contains agreements for travel services that were competitively solicited by the State of Oregon using the Western State Contracting Alliance format. These agreements were solicited to meet public entity travel needs.

WSCA-NASPO Travel Programs Flyer

Overview of WSCA-NASPO Travel Programs PowerPoint

Contractor Information
  • USTravel

US Travel Master Agreement


USTravel Participating Addendum

PA Process Overview

All of these agreements are open to:
  • All of these agreements are available to:
  • All Participating States*
  • Any political sub-division in a Participating State*
  • Any political sub-division with permission from a non Participating State*
* Participating states are those states that have executed Participating Addendums with the Booking Tool, Vehicle Rental and Airline Contractors. Any State and political sub-division may use the WSCA-NASPO Lodging Program without the execution a Participating Addendum.

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