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Who is on 1st - Who's contract is it anyway?
WSCA uses a "Lead State" model in issuing cooperative solicitations.  One WSCA state leads the procurement, issues the solicitation and awards the contracts based on that state's statutory requirements and processes.  The Lead State owns and manages the contract(s).  You can find the name of the lead state contact by selecting a contract from the list here.  Other WSCA states have chosen to participate and have followed each state's individual statutory processes to provide public notice and permit participation.  If you have questions, contact Paul Stembler (contact information below).

I am a contractor. How do I register with WSCA?
WSCA does not offer a vendor registration program.  Each WSCA state has its own program.  See WSCA Current Opportunities and register with the lead state indicated there.

Can contractors be added to existing WSCA contracts?
All WSCA contracts are established on a competitive basis.  Contractors may NOT be added after the deadline specified in the solicitation document for the receipt of responses.  If you have questions contact Paul Stembler (contact information below).

Who can use WSCA contracts?
All governmental entities within WSCA states are eligible to use WSCA contracts, if the governmental entity has the legal authority to use their home states' contracts.  Non-WSCA states are generally able to use WSCA contracts if they have followed their own statutory process.  If you are not sure about the legal status of an entity, check with Paul Stembler (contact information below).

I have questions about the WSCA organization or other things related to WSCA contracts. Who do I contact?

Paul Stembler, WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator
Voice: (612) 284-4316
Email: (email is probably the best way to contact Paul)


Lee Ann Pope, WSCA Program Manager
Association Management Resources
Voice: 859-514-9159
Fax: 859-514-9188
Email: [email protected]



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